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In April 2015, our founder established EK to pursued the mission & beliefs he sees in the aesthetic industry. Back then, the market is filled with overpriced, outdated devices and much more misleading information, and the wrong perspective of the beauty industry; be it as a provider or as a customer itself.

We are here to evolve the market by introducing the rental business concept & opportunity. Through the rental business model, service providers will be able to keep up with the pace of ever-changing technology advancement in the coverage of their aesthetic devices & services. This allows the end customer to enjoy the benefits, achieving optimum results as desire.

Many external factors influence a person's self-esteem & confidence. In the world we are living today, we can't deny beauty / appearance is one of the many reasons. It is true till today that the first impression always lasts. Commonise aesthetic treatments among consumers are our mission. We believe quality aesthetic treatment does not necessarily cost a bomb.


Edmund, an engineer turned entrepreneur from a small town in Perak, Malaysia. His experience in the aesthetic & beauty industry started in May 2006. His passion for the industry, kept him going to pursue his mission and vision. His belief is to ensure everyone deserves a chance to be beautiful.


Edi Kayson is more than just an aesthetic equipment distributor. We do also share our knowledge and the latest trend in the beauty industry. Follow us to check out more!


"To fail is an individual, to success is a team."

In Edi Kayson, we aim to do things differently and we don't believe in limiting the potential of our team members. This young team consists of go-getters, innovators, and dreamers.