Radio-Plus is developed using cutting-edge technology of radio frequency system for skin, body, fat, muscle and face treatments.

Simply put, it generates heat deep inside body and accelerates fat metabolism to release liquid fat from fat cells. Also, this thermal effect stimulates collagen regeneration and skin tightening, maximizes reduction of the fat in inner organ using RET ( Resistive Electric Transfer ) method. It generates heat energy deep inside body which is equivalent to 5 times of basic metabolism.

Internal body temperature rises up to 42 – 45°C and this affects following : expansion of blood vessel, increase blood stream volume, improve lymph circulation, accelerate fat metabolism, and etc.


– Effective treatment with 3 handprobes
– Easy handling with touch color LCD display
– Safe & convenient treatment, spark free through spark detector system


– Face lifting, anti-aging treatment
– Cellulites reduction
– Abdomen, thigh, hip fat reduction
– Wrinkle removal – Metabolism increasement